Tomorrow I have a very full day and it’s really exciting!

Mostly I’ve been enjoying time off by relaxing at home and when it comes to certain paperwork I am the biggest procrastinator. However, when I have tasks to do, I don’t mind piling them into one day because I work even harder to get them all done at the best quality possible!


So tomorrow I need to look my best because I’ve got a job interview! It’s just for substitute teaching, but this all accounts towards experience as a teacher! I’m really excited because I’ll get a first-look into teaching, but I believe it also counts as credits towards my Masters. Hopefully that will go quite well so wish me luck!

I wish employers did more employing in person, even upon submitting a resume. I would much rather my first impression be my presence (a smile, how I’m dressed, the hand shake) rather than an electronic piece of paper that tries to encompass me onto one page, while summarizing my experiences. I guess there’s not too much you can do about it though since I’m not an employer. I’m still working on being an employee!


Anyway, after the interview I’ve got to come home and prepare! I’ve got a photo shoot tomorrow night for a band that has a kickstarter going right now. I personally know them and they are very good people. They want to record soon and have a great opportunity to do, but that costs some serious cash even if it’s just an EP. Image means a lot in the music business, and it’s my job as a photographer to help project that image to the public. I really love it! I’ll post pictures from that on here once I edit them. I’m really worried though because Bonhoeffer’s doesn’t have very good lighting most of the time, and it’s hard to get good energy from a keyboard player usually. We’ll see! If you do want to check out the band, you can view their kickstarter here. They’ve already accumulated $4,000!


Between the time of me traveling from Clarksville to Murfreesboro, I’ve also got a culmination of tasks to do. I need to fill out transcript request forms, I need to meet up with my boyfriend so that we can both head out and meet up with my best friend and have dinner together, and then after that I need to see another good friend (and make a quick side stop to Ulta!). 


After the photoshoot, I’ll be done…granted by then it’ll be midnight or so.  Finally on Friday I’ll need to call the Graduate Education counselor and set up an appointment for that.

I have only two weeks or so to study for the GRE too! Ahh! 


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