Welcome to the musings of a 20 something year old. I blog… a lot. But I decided that maybe it was time to put down on paper (well you know what I mean) a personal view of EVERYTHING that goes on in a 20 something year old’s life.

I’m not anything special, but as anyone of my age or near my age can tell you, things for us are a bit different than for the last generation that graduated from college.

I’ll just start from the beginning, but I’ll make it brief.

All of my life, since about middle school, came the first questions of “What do you want to study in college?” So a 14 year old starts to wonder about what they are going to do for the rest of their entire life. However, it never really struck me that whatever I decided to do, I would be doing every single day, nearly every hour, for all of the years of my adult life. Around the end of middle school, I came to the conclusion that I would enjoy being a news reporter.

A lot of careers went through my mind, but a news reporter just seemed so right. I love to travel, I like to talk, I like to communicate, and I think video and all of its capabilities are fascinating. In high school, my focus was in two different areas: music and media. If I wasn’t performing a show with my band, singing and jumping around, then I was somewhere with a camera in my hand, capturing the moment, making it into a news or entertainment segment for our school’s news show. It was absolutely amazing and I loved everything about it.

Naturally, once it was time to head to college, I was confident that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I declared in my major as soon as I applied for college, and once I was accepted in Middle Tennessee State University (which is one of the top Electronic Media Communications schools in the south), I felt like everything was going to be peaches and creme.

I was right… mostly. I loved my classes. Once the almost pointless general studies classes were out of the way, I had nothing but Mass Communications classes to take, just like I liked it. It wasn’t until the last two classes of my major that I realized this isn’t what I wanted to do at all. It was my junior year of college and I had even taken summer classes so that I could graduate early and be ahead of the pack. A few other of my classmates were doing the same thing, and I thought things couldn’t be better. I enjoyed my News 2 class to an extent. The professor was great (looking at you Mr. Jasso!), and most of the information I already knew as far as video editing went. The technology provided made me want to pull my hair out, however, and with each passing segment we had to turn in, I loved it less and less. Although my stories, writing, video, and editing were getting better, my love for it was dying.

I couldn’t understand why. I started thinking about doing different things. There were two other things that I knew I really loved: reaching out to youth and photography. I was still attending local shows and taking pictures, and I still loved it so much. As far as reaching out to youth, there were several paths I could take. Image

I decided I was being too hasty and graduation was close, so I waved the thoughts off. Halfway through my News 3 class, I realized that I absolutely did not want to be a news reporter. It might sound fickle, but I didn’t want weird hours, working on weekends and even holidays, and the work was just not enjoyable to me anymore. I thought more about the other things I wanted to do, and even went so far as to look into them and apply for graduate school. Before I graduated, I got accepted into graduate school to study Education.

However, I still applied for a few jobs and I got offered a job in Indianapolis, IN. It was for a marketing firm. Marketing was something I was interested in doing, especially on the advertising and branding side. On top of that, it was what I wanted at the time: a new place to go that was a tiny bit familiar to me.

Literally the day after I graduated college with my Bachelors of Science in Broadcast Journalism, I moved to Indiana. About two months into my career there, I realized that a lot about what I had to do was lie to people. At first I just mirrored my manager and other co-workers that were above me in position, but it was really boiling down on me.

I would say that was the worst part. I didn’t mind commuting and being at the office at 8 A.M. and not being done with my work day until usually about 7 or 9 P.M. . And that was literally my day every single day. The only day off was one Monday a month. I worked hard and was even picked to go to a Leaders meeting in Dallas, TX so that I could be promoted. But I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t lie to our customers anymore. Personal stories about a weight loss supplement that I personally witnessed was making me not feel good? I just couldn’t do it. So I quit and made my way back down to Tennessee with absolutely no money left because I had to use it all to pay out my rental agreement.

So far, the months after graduating college were not going as I thought they would’ve.

As soon as I arrived back at my parent’s house, I had two goals in mind: find another job and move out. I applied and applied and applied. I re-wrote my resume and applied some more. Desperate because I needed money, I started applying for jobs you would typically have while IN college. So, eventually I started working at Nordstrom.

Time went by and I kept applying for jobs nearly every single day. I hardly would hear anything back, and when I did, they would say, “You just don’t have enough experience.” This made me so mad! I was applying for entry level jobs that were in the field that I graduated in and they wanted to tell me that I didn’t have any experience?! Well obviously! You have to give it to me so that I can get experience!

The company that I interned with couldn’t even hire anyone on and were actually downsizing, so I found myself stuck. Knowing now that marketing and reporting on TV were two things I didn’t want to do with my life, I had to do a lot of self searching.

I looked at everything I could do and paths that I had. I even got a part-time job to book for an artist through a music management company and I would be managing his social media websites. For a while, I had decided music business was something I really wanted to do.

This is when I realized that my passions were not necessarily something that I would want to turn into a career.

Then an epiphany came to me one random night.

My boyfriend was busy one night out playing a gig and I was just bored at home, waiting for him to finish. With nothing else to do since I don’t go out much anymore, I got on Omegele. I know, I’m really lame, but whatever. With just the plain Omegele chat, I would disconnect or “troll” those creeper guys that kept asking “A-S-L”. Then on one, when I got asked “A-S-L” I said unicorn and the person replied amusingly. She then said that she was a freshman in high school at home bored. Now, she could have been lying, of course. I considered that. She kept asking questions a freshman would ask though. Not weird things, but rather things like, “So what was high school like for you?” and “Was college easy to get into?” When I mentioned music and that I lived in Nashville, she got really excited and explained her aunt and uncle had visited there a while ago and that dreams of coming here and wants to be a country singer.

I talked about that with her for a while, and she was really thankful for the advice and encouraging words. This goes back to an earlier part in this post about something that I like: helping the youth.

I did it in church and loved it, and for a semester, I was actually a home-school tutor/teacher for a girl in her senior year of high school. I didn’t mind getting up every morning, to drive 20 minutes to her house, and to spend hours with her, and helping her understand her school work. I felt really good about it, and sometimes she would talk about things, and I would converse with her about it, giving her my experience with things, and it seems like she appreciated it (even though I bet I looked like a total dork to her haha).

So it struck me, I could go into sociology or education. I realized I had to be smart too: the job market. I had a first-hand look into the job market now that a lot of my peers so far haven’t had the chance to look into (unless they’re really thinking ahead, to which, kudos because they thought farther than I did at the time haha!). I also had a first reference experience from a friend that was currently studying to be get her license in psychology to be a youth counselor of some sort.

I went back to one of my first loves: teaching. But this is something that I already knew I would love as a job too. So many times I almost changed my major to it, and I regret not having done it sooner.

So… hi, my name is Lynn Torres, I’m 22 years old and am applying for graduate school here in my town so that I can be a teacher. I am also waiting on this special program’s application to come so perhaps I can get my license even sooner, but I still plan to do schooling to get my Masters in Education.

Welcome to my musings and this journey of a twenty something year old trying to make it through this economy and this millennial world. I hope you join me!


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hahah wow i read that whole thing wierdly gripping.. I really really wish you good luck in your education degree and I found this post really interesting, but it also really scared me! I am wanting to do a journalism degree at uni next year but what was it about the degree that put you off it? :/ xx

    • If you love it, then definitely go for it. I don’t want to discourage anyone from pursuing that career because it can be really exciting. For me, I find family to be really important, and I couldn’t justify giving up my weekends, some holidays, working weird hours, and being on call all of the time in exchange for family time. Also, the pay isn’t very good and that is honestly important to me as well.

      However, if you want to work really hard and sacrifice these things then it can be a really fulfilling career.

      • Haha ahhh god!!!! The hours do seem like they’d be crappy but maybe thats all part of the excitement of it…? Ahh well thanks for your advise I think I will carry on heading in the direction of journalism and see how it goes 🙂 xx

      • That sounds great! Like I said, I don’t want to defer anyone from it because I have friends that continued on after college and are doing it and love it. I just found out that in the end it’s not something I wanted to pursue as a career. Good luck!! 🙂

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