Since I last updated, so much has happened!

Alright, so I arrived at my boyfriend’s house and we headed out to eat dinner with Emily! I love seeing her. No matter how much time passes, when we see each other, we just update each other and everything is normal and not awkward. She has really been such a sweet friend to me, and it’s rare when I find such a good girl friend.

After seeing Emily, we got to see Jami at her work! And once that was over I was pumped because it was time to go to ULTA! I have been needing a make-up haul and as any girl knows, that gets expensive. So I only bought two things, but it was two things that I really needed. If you really want to know what exactly it was, you can check out my other WordPress blog: Poppy and Sweet.

ImageNew haircut by the way~

We then moved on to the show. This venue is not my favorite venue, but it’s not bad either. It was interesting to see how although so much in my life has changed, some things just never change…and this venue was a perfect example of that. The band Noe & Stanley began to play and I went to work! I just love capturing the essence of an artist and that energy they have on stage. What’s even more invigorating is the energy the crowd has that transcends with the artist. I just love everything about those moments. 

I got to see a lot of old college friends that I don’t communicate with on a daily basis and that was fun too. I am the worst person at communicating, let me tell you. I just don’t care to text or anything, and even when I do, I forget! I’m much easier to reach by phone call!

After the show, my boyfriend and I left and sat in the car at the park. It was so pitch dark it was still scary even though I was safe inside of my vehicle. He and I had a really good talk, and I understood better about how deeply he feels about me and what he was feeling when I had told him about something that had happened to me. I’m sorry to be so vague, but some things are just too personal to slab over the internet. 

So after relaxing, we headed back home. At first I had planned to just leave the next afternoon, but I was just having too much fun. When I do get to see my man, it’s such a joyous time for me, and I hate that we live far away from each other. We basically spent the whole day relaxing because he wasn’t feeling too well, and then later we went out to eat with his older brother.  Finally after a bunch of confusing communication between his brother and their friend Julia, we went to her apartment and hung out for the night. It was really fun despite us not really doing anything at all.

Then that night my boyfriend and I went home and….BAM! I was so sick to my stomach it wasn’t even remotely funny. I had the worst cramps, and then stomach pain and I threw up my guts everywhere.

Let’s just say, I know now more than ever that he loves me…no doubt about that! Haha!


We finally settled on the idea that it was probably the food I ate. I had the Kitchen Sink BBQ Nachos from Jim N’ Nick’s Barbecue. What a mistake! I’m guessing the pork wasn’t cooked right and it hit my stomach like an atomic bomb. There was nothing else I had that night that could have done it. I didn’t eat anything else and I just had one apple cider for the night.

Anyway, all in all it was a good day and as soon as I get those pictures from the show edited, I will definitely post my favorite one!

It’s also hitting me that soon I’ll be assigned classrooms to sub in and it makes me nervous!


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