Despite the rain, it turned out to be a fantastic day!

I woke up feeling much better first of all, and second of all, it was my friend Jess’s birthday! She wanted to go to Arrington Vineyards, and at first I’ll admit I was very skeptical, and also a little annoyed because it was 2 hours away. In all honesty, what had annoyed me more than the distance were all of the terrible drivers I had to deal with on the way there.

Once there however, it was so beautiful! Out in Arrington, TN it wasn’t rainy and we had a nice, cool Fall day to enjoy. We signed up for free wine tasting! They had a lot of good ones but I must say I really loved their blackberry dessert wine with their raspberry chocolate. Mmm! My boyfriend was sweet and bought us a bottle to enjoy for the day~! Image

All of us just relaxed on blankets, viewing the wonderous Tennessee scenery. I actually feel really lucky to have grown up in Tennessee for most of my life. While we may not have beaches or be known for a party scene, Tennessee has some of the things I really cherish: beautiful outdoors, a true Autumn season, and music. We decided it would be perfect to come back when the leaves are changing colors because on the hill of the winery, you can see all of the other mountains and the trees. It really is a beautiful sight! I’ll have to bring my camera next time!

After a few bottles of wine between all of us, it was time to leave. I really enjoyed everything a lot more than expected and it was such a nice surprise. It helped to be with good people too.

As we were leaving, we saw a Ferrari! It was amazing! Made in 1983, but it still looks so relevant and clean. My boyfriend took a picture next to it, and then the owner of the car came by and it was a tad awkward but still humorous haha!


This coming week is going to be super busy and I’m really excited! I take a fingerprint thing for subbing on Tuesday and I have to start studying for my GRE which is coming up soon as well. On top of that, I have pictures to edit from the photo shoot I did and I need to get the originals to the band as soon as possible. I’m also waiting for the sweet day my IPhone 5S comes to me in a few weeks. Got the gold!


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