You guys! I have successfully taken the GRE exam!

Being a… semi-perfectionist… I wish I had made a 160 or higher, but I did really good considering I didn’t study at all. However, I don’t recommend taking the test and not studying! The verbal portion of the test was fairly easy for me, but the quantitative part just hurt my brain. I hadn’t taken a REAL math class since sophomore year of high school! 


So after the four hour nightmare was over, I just came home and relaxed! Tomorrow I’ve got my orientation and I’ll be getting assigned my ten schools! I am so excited and nervous! I’m afraid the kids won’t really respect me because I look their same exact age and I’m sure some of them have friends my age…

On Saturday I really wanted to go to the Beer Festival that Nashville has going on, but it being $35 is a huge turn off. I just can’t see myself spending that kind of money on something like that is all. I know my boyfriend has a party that he wants us to go to. It’s for seeing a friend off to Korea or something of the sort. But I’m really looking forward to doing something in the day! I wonder what the average person does during the day on a Saturday?

Not a long blog post today, but I’m one step closer to getting into graduate school! 



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