I might change my mind by the time I’m 30 or 40, but I’m pretty confident in saying that being in your 20’s has got to be the toughest time.

I feel like most of us are figuring out what exactly we want to do, and I feel like this is harder on us than previous generations because we have the internet to show everything that we could do. However, as we all know, there’s no way to really do every single thing we’d like to do. If I could, I’d be a nurse, a famous writer, a famous musician, a famous producer, a teacher, a C.E.O., and an architect all at the same time. It’s impossible and I don’t care what anyone says. On top of all that I’d like to visit a different country for a few weeks at least four times a year. But… that’s impossible as well because I’m not a well of money and I’m not the type of person that is able to just drop all responsibilities to do what I want to do.

I absolutely love teaching and it’s why I decided that it is the route I’d like to take: it’s something I want to dedicate my life to and everything else can just be a hobby.

Even more than career paths, there’s also this crazy whirlwind of relationships that again, 20 years olds, my generation, has a tougher time with than any past generation. I say this because there is social media and whether there are people pretending to be happy or people that are actually happy, we are more susceptible to means that can cause us to be envious. Lots of people get really reckless when envy plays a part in their life.

Lucky for me I’ve got a sweetheart of a boyfriend, but I don’t go traipsing that around on the internet for all to see and know. I’ll talk about it because it is a big part of my life, but I’m definitely not that girl on Facebook or Instagram that posts every Monday, “OMG my MCM is my man because he is the bee’s knees for this and this and blah.”

Anyway, being in grad school, working full time, and attempting to be social still is like asking me to breathe underwater. So, I give up being social. Mainly because I need money so I can’t refute work and I need my license so I can’t refute grad school. However, being social requires both money and time, both of which are better off going elsewhere.

This just goes back to what I’m saying. 20 year olds are in school, working full time, and also trying to be incredibly social still all while figuring out life and just hoping they’re heading in the right direction, and on top of that we’ve got social media for people to pretend to be more than they’re not and a bad economy pushing us further back. LIFE, MAN!

I feel really bad for having left this blog for so long but hey, now one of my classes is making me keep up with another blog for a grade so this one fell into the dust. However, expect more posts because I’ve got a lot to say that’s been kept in for a while haha

In the mean time, enjoy my favorite flower. Apparently they can withstand radiation and actually absorb and store it?



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