Summer of ’69

I just got a summer job! 

Well, I got it about a week ago, but wow what a blessing!

I knew for a summer job, I’d want to work at a pet place. I love animals so much, and more and more I regret not going to school for what I always said I would when I was a little girl: to be a veterinarian.

But oh well! This will do and I really do love helping out teenagers anyway haha

So my job is at Doggie Day Spa and I’m the receptionist there! It’s a really exciting job where I consistently stay busy, so I couldn’t ask for a better job for me! I get bored so easily or get frustrated by extremely “tedious” work that I need jobs like teaching and jobs like this to be happy.

Not only do I book the appointments, answer the phone, and file all of the papers, I also get to take the dogs to their rooms and play with them outside. Sure, I clean the floor after the groomers finish a dog and I have to put the towels in the wash, but it’s no big deal! So many dogs come through and they’re all so sweet I just want to take them all home with me haha


Other than that, I’ve got my own lessons to learn. I’m one of those people that get angry and then say really mean things. I just want to push everyone and every thing away and be all by myself. Yep… I’m one of those people.

Therefore, I always end up hurting the people closest to me. It doesn’t help that I can be dense and I subconsciously think to myself, “I’m being safe it’s all good.” and I still forget to inform Weston about what I’m up to. I guess because I’m with close friends that I’ve known since middle school, I didn’t think anything of it.

So, after getting angry about something and being really rude and mean and hurtful, I chilled out and then immediately regretted everything I said. 

I understand that it’s because I’m too focused on the target and not on my own actions. In order to successfully overcome this fault of mine, I’ve got to be focused on myself more than the “target” at the time. I hope that I can be better about this so that I don’t hurt the people that I love anymore.



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