Controversial conversations.

I love them and I hate them.

I’m a very open-minded, yet opinionated person. The things that I have opinions on, I’ve done extensive research on. However, I hate controversial conversations because often times it will occur between a fragile friendship. When I say fragile friendship, I mean a friendship that resembles two strangers on an isolated island called life that decided to build a raft together to go journey into the further. I guess I see life that way because I know that there is so much more to people than just life, but life in itself is a mystery and eventually we will have to go discover more whether we like it or not. You see, we each have our own ship too, not just some raft. Our closest friends build ships with us but every now and then we go back and someone finds you and you build your raft. I could talk about this forever and it probably wouldn’t make much sense to most…

Anyway, I have a lot of friends with different beliefs than mine. For their own reason, some don’t believe in God or some have different political views, etc. It’s part of the reason why I avoid controversial conversations because most of the time you aren’t going to change someone’s mind and you’re more than likely to just spoil an already fragile friendship. One that’s on a raft, not on your ship.

Ever since I was a little girl I made friends with the most eclectic people. I don’t mean this to sound mean in any way, but I somehow managed to find the kids that were less fortunate than me. My best friend throughout elementary school came from a broken household that had a lot of issues. Then, right before middle school, I became best friends with two boys who’s mom ended up having bone marrow cancer and she passed away. During middle school and high school, one of my closest friends came from a household who’s mother often kicked him out and I always remember him having a tough time. 

Even during college I tended to surround myself with a lot of broken people. I always sought out to do as much for them as I can, but not in a such a charitable way. I never sought out these particular people, I just happened to get along with them well and I wanted them in my life because we had similar interests. I just seem to always end up with broken people in my life and along the way, through our friendship, I’ve tried to lift them up and show them that they are capable of great things too. Really, I just treated them like I treated any other friend. 

I’m really thankful for having been around these people. I couldn’t ask for better friends and it’s through some of their tough experiences that I’ve learned about life. 

On a similar subject, and I don’t mean to get preachy but I will, I’ve witnessed many lives degrade or improve. Some friendships fell by the wayside because I wasn’t going to go down with them. When heavier drugs became involved or they couldn’t enjoy just hanging out because drugs or alcohol was a must was when I knew I had to be a good friend and confront them with how I felt about it. I didn’t want to see them succumbing to wasting away on the weekends, grades falling, and leaving other friends behind for some other type of muse. But when my concerns were thrown away and they continued to lose their job and physically live in filth, at some point I just give up… and anyone that knows me knows it takes me a long time and a lot for me to finally give up.

However, other friends often pursued for things greater. I’ve seen some of my close friends rise up and have success in a career they love. I’ve seen them go places that they never thought they could, and I’ve seen them build families and relationships that make me so happy because I get to see them be extremely happy.

Sure, I might just be twenty three years old, but I’ve honestly observed something over and over again that I feel can already account for wisdom: people that have faith in God are happier people.

Is it easier? No. It’s not supposed to be. The Bible doesn’t even say it’s going to be. In fact, the Bible says that once you have faith in God, things are going to get harder… and that’s why I find it so funny when people say, “Oh, you have faith because it’s easier for you that way, it’s easier for you to cope, it’s easier for you to have hope, etc.” 

But truthfully, someone with faith has to be quite courageous. You’re taking a leap. I’ve seen such success in people and I’ve experienced so many blessings, but it doesn’t mean things have necessarily been a walk in the park. 



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