I like new things.

I like to try new things.

Don’t you?

And frankly, I don’t understand people that don’t like to try new things. My friend Victoria is like that, though, and I like her… mainly because even though she doesn’t like to try new things, she tries it anyway if she wants to, and usually ends up liking it afterwards. (If you ask me, I think she’s a closet freak haha!) But she knows I think this.

Anyway, I have been in the mood to just do new things. Especially creative things. I want to create a webpage for something, I want to paint something, I want to go out and hike somewhere new that I haven’t been, I want to fly out to a new place… I mean I don’t know, anything.

Do you guys get like this?

Perhaps it’s the monotony of life right now that is creating all of these creative juices, but it also takes inspiration and motivation to make me feel like this, so I don’t know. 

It’s just work, school, hangout. I could write a rap song about it. You know, like Kendrick Lamar’s song, except it’d be:

Work, sleep. School, sleep. Hangout, sleep. Eat, sleep.

So I encourage everyone to step out of their cozy box and experience something new. It doesn’t even have to cost money. Drive down a street you’ve always seen but never been down (I love doing that, even if it’s just some neighborhood), Pinterest the crap out of things and do that craft, grab a blanket and lay down in your yard, try some new makeup look, go to a car show you’ve always wanted to go to…

For me, I’ll probably end up figuring out how to record games on my laptop properly, and play some new game on Steam. Sounds so nerdy and “thrilling” (<-sarcasm). But it’s something that doesn’t cost money and I don’t have to drive anywhere to. Or I’ll draw or just create a random website. These next couple of weeks I will be living the American way: paycheck to paycheck. 

My dog got neutered (he’s overjoyed), then I pay for car insurance (I’m overjoyed), then I pay off my credit card bill (trying to build credit — so overjoyed). After all that I’ll be back on top! 


Lastly, I really want to send a big THANK YOU because I have 43 people following my blog and that’s pretty cool to me 🙂 I started this as a way to kind of document my progress of being the 20-something year old that it seems all of those BuzzFeed lists are writing about. Note to you all: don’t read those. Sure, they’re amusing and maybe even have some inkling of advice, but overall, just do you. Political correctness and wild ideas of “just be happy by not having anything” has gone crazy and quite frankly, if you are a 20-something year old that wants to get married and wants to have a career already and feels frustrated and doesn’t like being financially constricted that’s okay too. 



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