As a 23 year old, my life has gone through a significant amount of changes and it will continue to change dramatically until I’ve settled down; and even then, when babies happen and all that, it will change even more.

Because I am waiting for certain changes to happen and because, inevitably, changes are happening, I tend to second guess myself. Is this a thing that everyone goes through?

Every now and then I’ll see people I graduated with from college (and I’m Facebook friends with a few of my favorite professors) and a small handful of them have actually pursued a career in the degree they’ve earned.
You know, sometimes I really miss doing news. It’s stressful, it’s hard work, it’s different every day, and it doesn’t pay well (haha). Yet, sometimes I wonder if maybe that’s the route I want to take/should’ve taken.

You see, I’ve changed a lot ever since I’ve graduated from college. I don’t mind hard labor as much, going to work every day doesn’t bother me as much, and I’ve learned to live on a smaller budget.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love the idea of teaching. I still love being in that classroom and hoping every day that I’m making a difference in those students’ lives. It’s what makes me wake up every day.  I get to go and try and make school a better place for every single student I have in my class.

But…television! I have always loved the cinema and being on camera and capturing everything I can with a camera. Perhaps having too many passions is a bad thing. It just makes life more difficult even though it makes life more exciting. But do you understand what I mean? It’s like, I like this, but I like this! I love both! Can I just do both?

I’ve also realized I have a very strong urge to travel somewhere I’ve never been before! I want even more change than my life is handing me. Sometimes I think about Indiana and how I wish I would have stayed only because it was somewhere new. Sometimes I look at the TEFL certificate to go teach English elsewhere in the world. Sometimes the change is as small as just buying myself another puppy (although, believe it or not, in the end that’s more expensive then flying to Italy! haha).

I guess I’m just itching for more and more and more. Do you like changes? Or do you not like changes at all? Or does it depend?

I’m so excited that there are about 45-46 people following my blog! It means you care enough to read or found me interesting enough to pass the time with. I really, really appreciate it and would love to hear back from all of you through a comment!

It’s also October and that is really exciting. I need to go get my wig out of the garage because Halloween is now in 30 days!


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