Sometimes when it rains outside, it’s beautiful.


I know we’ve all thought that at one moment or another, but whenever we face a storm, we think the moment is so ugly.

At every point in a relationship you start to see why the person who was in “your position” before you left. Whether it was how quiet or distant someone could be or how incredibly clingy and needy they were… you see it now.

When the relationship first started, it didn’t bother you. It was something you could easily get over. The smiles were strong because the “honeymoon feeling” was within your very bones.

As months, maybe years, pass, this golden hour filter begins to wash out and it all becomes grayscale.

Everything really begins to take a toll on the relationship and


you are at the turning point in your relationship.

How long will you put up with this or will it change or will you get through this?

That first thought of, “This is probably why so-and-so fell out of love with you.” or “This is why you would argue.” passes through your mind and then you’ve got to figure out what to do.

Or do you just wait and see what happens?

If this is the storm of the relationship, will you view it one day and see it’s beauty?


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