10 Ways To Make People Read Your Blog

There are so many creative and beautiful people in the world, and out of these creative and beautiful people, some want to blog. Whether that be for the purpose of making money or just expressing themselves, a question that even an avid blog-reader asks themselves might be, “What makes people/me want to read their blog?”

There are niches, general interests, and odd google questions that will lead you to certain blogs, but do you really read them? Do people really read them? Explained latter are the 10 ways to make people read your blog.


  1. Make sure everything is in list format. It doesn’t matter what is written here. The vast majority of Facebook users that re-post blogs most likely do not read past what is next to that bullet point or number. They want quick, fast and easy
  2. Stay dedicated to your little niche. Okay, so I don’t have 10 ways. I could write here that Donald Trump will be the greatest president in American history (ha) or I could write that all things in the world deserve to die (omg no). The percentage of people that read this part is small.

And that’s about all I’ve got. If you’ve only read the two points and wondering where the last eight ways are, I encourage you to at least skim through the rest.

I’m feeling a bit cynical and silly. Honestly, it’s okay to just scan a piece sometimes. We’re all busy people for the most part. However, when you share information, I encourage you to make sure you’ve read through everything because there is always going to be that percentage that does and could think you support something totally crazy even though you don’t.


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