High School Never Ends

There’s a great Bowling For Soup song called “High School Never Ends”. When I listened to it in high school, I used to think that this was silly. I always truly saw grown ups as super mature people who had their life together. My parents have and always will be those grown ups to me. They did a great job at making adulting look easy.

However, during college and even now, I realize that song is right. People still want their cliques, still cling to people and get super catty if anyone seems to get in their way, still dislikes others and judges others for no reason, and still keep their mouths shut or join in on the “mob mentality” effect.

I know that all sounds super specific, but that’s because it is. I won’t go into detail more than that, though. 

I’ve always valued being an idealist. I really do look for the best in people, I’m open to nearly anyone, I try to be as genuine as possible (sometimes too genuine), and I just seek happiness and serenity. It sounds super hippie-like, but this is who I am to the core. 

I’ve tried to be these people’s friend. Some of them I’ve known since I was a child. I am so abrasive that I’ll stick up for my friend even if it doesn’t make sense to (as long as they are not actually being rude/dumb). A group of people can be against me, but if my friend did nothing, I would defend him or her without worrying about what fights I’d start or what bridges I’d burn. 

I already knew those people were not going to grow or change. What I figured was that the people I thought were my friends would stick up for me. When they didn’t, I just realized I fell lower on the priority rung of who they wanted to keep happy.

I guess that’s okay. It’s only okay because you can’t change how people react to a situation. But it does change how I feel about people now. So thank you to my one friend who did stick up for me. It honestly means a lot, and I feel like I can trust you the most despite knowing you for the shortest amount of time out of everyone. I appreciate it so much.

And reading back through this post, it seems so MIDDLE school even. This whole thing is so immature and petty. But for once, I’ve got people on my side who realize I’ve actually done nothing. 

On a whole other note, buying a house is stressful. Being an adult is not fun. Still twenty something. Still wish I didn’t grow up. 


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