Judgement is a huge part of life.

In school, they always tell you to not judge others and that judging others says more about yourself than it does the person you are judging. 

If everyone kept this in mind, then they wouldn’t let their friends be judgmental. 

However, every single day of your life someone will be judging you. So it’s best to learn to cope with it.

In a positive notion, I will tell you what it’s like to be my close friend.

First and foremost, I give you everything, starting with my heart.

I give you blind trust. And I don’t think it’s stupid to do so. When you’re my close friend, I just trust that you are doing everything with good intentions and that those good intentions are well thought out. 

Unless it is outlandish and dangerous to yours or my well-being, I will be down for anything. 

I trust that you will always stick up for me. My closest friend said, “…I will always be one of those people [on your team]. You can be dead wrong and I’ll still have your back.”

I feel the same way. No matter how wrong you may be, I will stand by you. 

I won’t be fake to you. I will call you out on your crap. I will constantly discuss it with you.

I will always choose you. There is no question about that.

I will be wherever you need me. Call me at 3 A.M.,  be somewhere sketchy, be a state away: if you need me, I will be there. I’ll find a way to be there.

I will nurture you. I am always all ears. I will just sit and listen. I will offer advice if you ask. I will just simply love you.

I would never do anything to hurt you. Before me comes you.

If you were ever being unkind, I would let you know. I would do whatever I could to make you care. Because as your true friend, I’d also want to see you grow as a person. 

So, because of the way I am, I suppose I have high standards for my friends. For the ones that have given me all of this, thank you. I’m not without flaws, but I do my best to be this person towards you. 

What do you expect a friend to be/do? Or do you not expect anything at all? 


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