All types of banks offer different interest rates. There are interest rates on loans, for savings accounts, etc. 

In a weird way, you could say people have different interest rates as well. The longer they are your friend, the more visible the value of that friendship becomes.

My last post about friends sucking caused such a stir.

There was much conspiracy towards it. While they could recognize that it was the complete truth, it made them angry.

For some it made them angry because I included names instead of it being completely anonymous. For others it made them angry because it was made public shortly before someone’s wedding and supposedly this was posted as such to “ruin their weekend”. 

Lastly, it really offended most. 

I agree with what he said: the truth doesn’t always have to be said because sometimes it’s too blunt and offensive. 

I get that. And I do take blame for not mentioning specifically who it excludes.

However, I found it so interesting how it was treated with such a double standard.

People wanted to be mad that names were used on a public forum. 

My name was used in a public forum with over 90 comments.

People wanted to be mad because it could potentially ruin a wedding weekend.

Those comments made about me actually ruined long-time friendships that my boyfriend had as well as made me extremely distrustful of anyone associated with that group. 

Also, even fathoming that some blog post could RUIN a wedding weekend is so preposterous to me. If a blog post can ruin a wedding, perhaps everyone needs to rethink the relationship. I’m saying that generally, not specifically.

People wanted to be mad because it made things tense and/or awkward.

Things were already tense AND awkward. When you treat people with avoidance, it will make the people feel tense and awkward. 

Not to mention, whenever we arrived somewhere it was tense and awkward.

A last group of people said they felt offended because they were mine and his friend, and things won’t be fixable because of the post. 

What I am about to say next excludes K and M. 

Were you really my friend? Where were you when I broke down crying in my house because someone who was supposed to be a very close and dear friend since middle school accused me of something idiotic? Where were you when they had all of those things to say about me? Where were you when someone who is supposed to be your best friend is feeling alone? 

Want to be that angry with me? You think by not DJ-ing at their parties truly made an impact on anyone other than, “Oh you know him, just being him. He’s still hanging out though.” 

You spent time defending them when I was questioning her “friendliness” towards me, told me you knew she didn’t actually like your gf, knew she had done what you’re so angry at me for, but I’m the one you got angry with? 

Where were ANY of you to at least message him to see how he was doing? Be HIS friend and do something since you keep claiming to miss him and wish he were there. If it’s because you don’t know what to say, then will you cower forever and still “wish”? At what point is it just your laziness?

I’m glad that the friendship got withdrawn, then. It wasn’t accruing any interest anyway. It was sitting there, doing “minimal” work but “saving” anyway. 

Anyone reading this that is younger or older than a twenty-something, I hope that you choose your friends even more carefully than who you choose to bank with. Whether you want it to or not, it will affect your life. 


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