As It Is

My friends and I were talking about how we have to think really hard to remember our age now. 

I agree. I don’t know if it’s because I’m around people younger than me all the time since I’m a teacher or if it’s because even now people that want nothing to do with me check up on my blog consistently and it kind of weirds me out (Ha, just kidding. Just thought I’d say hey to whoever you are.) 

I think it really is just I’m not used to being an adult still. I mean, my faveorite thing is still when my mom brings me food or my parents visit. 
I bet all of the other twenty-somethings out there can agree. I mean, geez, I always dreamed of having my own dogs, my own house, a big girl job, and someone to love…but now that I have it it’s so surreal. 

…I am an adult! Ew. 

But I am so thankful to have these things, and I’ve got to accept that I am an adult. Although, I will probably suffer a breakdown when I hit 30. 

I think with this age group comes interest in other things that I’ve always worried and thought about, but never looked into other than getting advice from my parents. 

One of these things is finance. J and I have really been getting into reading finance books and becoming financially literate. It’s surprisingly fun for me and through this now we can have book dates which I’ve always wanted. We set aside time to just cozy up and read together. It’s really calming.

Another thing, which was built off of reading, is coming up with assets. I want to increase my income but I want money to make money. So, I’m looking to what investments I can make, and what I can do to increase my income. 

I also need to figure out a way to battle my exhaustion. More sleep? I’m not sure. I get so tired and stressed out, but I think much of it has to do with this school year. I want to find rest and relaxation this summer, but I’ve got things to do. Luckily, I’ve only got two and a half days left! Yay! 


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