Don’t Feel Alone

If you watch T.V. enough, and carefully enough, you’ll notice that everyone has their own tragedy.

A brother and sister raised by a single father, getting in a lot of trouble with drugs.

A girl in stage four cancer.

A musician that suddenly went deaf at eighteen.

A girl that was raped by a guy she thought was her friend.

A boy with abusive parents.

A boy who was homeless at a young age with his family.

The stories go on and on and on. On many different shows or even on YouTube, you can find these countless tragedies. 

I’m convinced that every single person has had their own tragedy. Some just hide it better than others. 

This post isn’t to say, “Every person has had issues so suck it up.”

Pay attention.

Pay attention to these sad stories. There is always a come up.

The brother and sister became dancers together, and their life changed thanks to it.

The girl with stage four cancer vlogged every moment for her family and it brought her so much happiness to look back on her life.

The musician ended up learning to feel the beat with her feet and plays shows for extremely large crowds this way.

The girl that was raped found the love of her life and shares wisdom with others and is happier than ever.

The boy with abusive parents decided to buckle down on his studies and is now a doctor to help other children.

The boy who was homeless learned magic from a street performer and now performs in Vegas for others.

So your tragedy is not your ending. Don’t let it break you down. Come through stronger from it. You are not alone. There is always someone to talk to or listen to who can help you. You can do it. 


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