Two Subjects

The title is pretty self-explanatory because I don’t think any of these are really one post type things.

I want to start with something I thought up about a week ago and again today. Now, before I begin, I want to make sure that I say that these are not the only two people/friends that I feel this way about. I just think that it’s worth mentioning since it’s been on my mind.  I feel a great amount of respect for all of my friends, my boyfriend, and my family. I am always in love with people’s stories. Again, this has just been on my mind.

There are two people who have stood out to me lately as people that I truly have respect and love for, though it may not always show or seem so.

The first is my best friend Katlyn. I was lucky enough to make this friend and become a trio with her and my long time best friend Megan. We have had some of the best memories together that I cherish greatly, and I’m sure we will continue to make many more. Katlyn has a way of seeing everything someone has to offer, good and bad, and being their friend anyway. She might not be close with everyone, but she, for a lack of a better phrase that I can think up right now, gives everyone a pass. I don’t mean this in a negative way at all (I’m tired from staining a fence, so I can’t currently think of a better way to say it. Will probably go back and edit when I think of a much better way to say it.). Many times for me it is hard to look past certain things that people do, and I know Katlyn has her standards too, but she is so kind and giving to her friends. She was also the only person that stood up for me amongst a sea of “friends”, and we weren’t even super close then. Many other events have happened that quickly put her on the same tier as other people in my life that I highly regard.

The other person is going to seem really random, but I feel the same way about Armonty. I’ve been through a lot of phases in my life and a lot of bad things that I got myself into. I know in high school I was so focused on my grades and band that many things, like relationships with others who weren’t apart of that part of my life, fell to the wayside. However, Monty was always someone who was there for me. His family is the same way, and I barely know them. I’ll never forget when Monty was moving into his apartment at University Landing and I was going through something especially tough in my life that I knew how to get away from, but I really just didn’t want to give up. I remember talking about it to him some and his mother and sister overheard the conversation as well and had their input. I just started crying, but in those moments I felt so loved and safe. I’m often embarrassed about situations I get myself into that I know I could get away from but choose not to. But, I didn’t feel this way at that moment. Monty was always someone who was so kind to me, and still is. Through a chain of events, we haven’t talked much, and I hope I don’t get him into “trouble” by mentioning this, but the other day he texted me to let me know he saw me on the road and said to be safe and hope I’ve been well. It made me really happy to see that. Monty is one of those people that I can truly say is a good-hearted person.



Now on a totally different subject, I am writing a book! My mom still teases me about when I was about four years old, I told her that I wanted everyone to know my name for generations to come (lol). Look, I dreamed big when I was little. I told her I wanted to write a book and have it turn into a movie. So, it has always been a dream of mine that I revisited in high school. I wrote an entire thirty five chapter novel, but I lost it. Honestly, it probably wasn’t that great since I was into really cheesy, cringe-y, edgy, and dark romance stories then. Okay, I still am. But this book will be a huge upgrade from my last novel. I am just very excited for it, and I hope I stick to it!


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